This site is still in early development stages. While the core functionality for users and games has been added there are a bunch of features that I'd like to get implemented going forward.

A look at upcoming planned features:

  • Translations (to ensure that this tool can benefit improvisers all over the world)
  • Voting systems (to better allow the community to curate the quality content on the site)
  • Game collections (organise and save games all in one place)
  • Game exports (export your collections of games to a printable document)
  • Groups (create your improv troupe, add members and feature your own group content)
  • Comments and discussion support on games (to promote the evolution and analysis of various games)
  • Community reputation (to reflect contributions to content and discussion on the site)
  • Improv tools (various helper tools for rehearsals and workshops)
    • Random suggestions
    • Workshop/setlist builder

Phew. Well. The above is a dauntingly ambitious roadmap but I'm determined to create the ultimate improv companion tool. Time to locate the elbow grease...

Be sure to check out how you can Get Involved in making this dream a reality.