Weekend At Bernie's Edit

Also known as Player Elimination, Scene with a Dead Actor

Players: 2-4

Difficulty: Advanced

A scene is played out with all players. At the end of the scene, the host takes a vote (often via some kind of clap-ometer) as to which player the want to see killed. The players must then repeat the scene but with that player acting as if dead. The other players must repeat the scene while puppeting the dead player. Repeat this process until only one player remains. They must puppet all dead players.
Don't introduce too much about the game all at once. Introduce the rules as they become relevant. For example, run the first scene before you explain the death mechanics at all.
To make the game run smoother, the upon the first death, the dead body can completely ragdoll. Upon the second death, the dead bodies can support themselves more, allowing easier puppeting. Upon the third death, the dead bodies can act as melting waxworks, collapsing slowly until someone puts them upright again. 

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