Solemn Day Edit

Players: 2-99

Difficulty: Beginner

This is a corpsing exercise, designed to stop people laughing in scenes. In a circle, player 1 says to player 2 "It is a solemn day, brother/sister [Name]" Player 2 then repeats this back to player 1. Player one then does something brief to try and make player 2 laugh. This can be words, actions, noises, or any combination thereof. Player 2 repeats this back to player one. They bow to each other, and it repeats around the circle. 

If anyone else in the circle thinks they will start laughing, they are to turn away, outside of the circle, until they are stoic again. 
Explain this is like a monastery, where laughing is forbidden and everyone is treated with respect (Hence formal titles and bowing) 
  • Only works if all participants make a good faith effort to try and not laugh. Of course, this in itself can make things funnier for everyone involved. 
  • Make each funny thing only last a few seconds only. 

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