Secret Objective Edit

Also known as Secrets

Players: 2-2

Difficulty: Intermediate

Type: Exercise


Player One is given a secret objective that elicits a response from Player Two's character (Ex: get your partner to hug you, make your partner cry, make your partner's character laugh, etc.). Player One is to pursue this objective WITHOUT explicitly asking Player Two for what they want (Ex: “I’m lonely,” “I just heard the saddest story,” “Stupid chicken killed a duck,” etc.). 
Our two players have a secret objective they want their scene partner to complete, but they can't tell them what it is. That's why it is a secret. If they want a hug from their partner, they can cry, they can be victorious, they can complete a life goal, but they can't say anything that would imply they want a hug, or open their arms for a hug. 
If this is done as an exercise, players should not try to complete the objective within the first minute of the game. Instead they should establish their characters and base reality. The instructor can then raise their hand or ring a bell to indicate the minute has elapsed. 

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