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Also known as Shopping Channel;

Players: 4-4

Difficulty: Intermediate

The players are split into two teams. Each team has one mimer and one guesser.  The guessers leave the room, and each mimer gets the suggestion of a product. The product takes the form of an 'Adjective' 'Noun'  (eg. a Slimy Shoe, or an Inflatable Television). The guessers come back into the room, and, one at a time, the teams present a shopping channel, with the guesser presenting, and the mimer miming the product. A host switches between channels at opportune times. until both teams have guessed their products. 
When getting the suggestions for the products, its best to get the noun first, and then the adjective. Encourage the audience to go "oooh.." when the guesser is close, and "Boo!" when they are going off track.
This game can utilise "Call-ins". This is a mechanic that can be used to support a struggling guesser on stage. An off-stage player makes a ringing noise (or just shouts "Ring-Ring") while holding a pretend phone to their face. This acts as someone calling in to the show, who can ask questions and give clues. 

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