Half Life Edit

Also known as Countdown, Scene replay

Players: 2-2

Difficulty: Intermediate

The performers are given a suggestion and when they begin, the host times 1 minute, calling scene when 1 minute is reached. The performers then have to recreate the scene in only 30 seconds, again with the host calling scene when time is reached. This repeats for 15 seconds and 7 seconds.
It can be introduced as a scene in a minute, but it can be performed on stage without introducing the gimmick. After one minute, the host proclaims he was bored by the scene and wishes it to be done twice as fast, repeating with various different excuses, surprising the audience.
To assist those onstage, the host can call out key time points such as at halfway and 10 seconds before the end. This will help the scene end more naturally, and help the performers cram everything they need to into the shorter iterations.

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