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Named after the turntable sometimes used at dinner parties, two players stand at the front with the rest behind in a line left to right (so as to make a kind of flattened circle) The game is setup by the couple being given a situation, the mc then says "left" or "right" and the circle rotates stage-left or right by one person and a new situation is given to the new pairing. The game begins when every possible pairing has been given a situation, the mc then rotates the group at whim triggering a continuation of that new pairs scene

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Everyone walks around the room. One person says, "I'm Area 51." Nearby people say, "W... (continued)


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Players create a backline and get a suggestion of a "line of dialogue". Two players w... (continued)


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A number of players get up to do a scene. Each one will be given a number (usually be... (continued)


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Awesome! I've played a similar version of this before but "Leave It" could only block... (continued)


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